Vita | Marcus Posthumus

You can´t discribe him with words, you should meet him. His basic principle from Helen Keller „Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all“ charachterize him at best. Marcus Posthumus ist not just a photographer. He is Entertainer, Artist and a craftsman. In his studio where all his scenerys where made, it´s looks like a craft shack. His old planed bank, a heirloom from the post-war period is a wood and metal wrought but also a experimental space for electronic tinkering. Electronic components like transistors, resistors and rest of all kind of cables are lying between wooden chips. Here he produced all the gadgets for photo experiments and special objects of everyday life. From selfmade electric curtains to computer controlled plants watering, he built his own world as he like it. Before he moved to Ireland he lived in Bremen and Aschaffenburg / Bavaria. In his flat in Bremen he had made rooms with shifting walls as seen at Indiana Jones movies and al lot of secret spaces you can´t imagine.There´s no lack of ideas.

The photographer

Born 1976 in Germany. His carreer began in the end of the 90s when he startet at the Citymagazine „BREMER“ in his hometown Bremen in Germany. A few years later he changed as a freelance press photographer to the biggest Newspaper in Germany, the BILD Zeitung. This time was very exciting. During his jobs for BILD he discovered a new field of activity. He became one of germanys famous paparazzi. The art was to make unnoticed photos of celebrities who also told a story. His work was a mixture of private investigator and photographer. Obtaining information was a prerequisite, mastering the camera in extreme situations is another.

In 2010, Posthumus itself gained fame as the German TV Channel RTL shot a reportage about him. To obtain information, he often had to camouflage himself elaborately, sometimes adopt a foreign identity or disguise himself so as not to fly up. Posthumus has a healthy knowledge of human nature, a strong sense of observation and mastered the art of transformation like a chameleon. Only through certain questioning techniques is he able to obtain information that his counterpart unknowingly reveals to him. He worked very precisely, kept accurate records and was always prepared for almost any situation. His experience in the paparazzi segment also brought him quite different orders. Watching celebrities is no different from watching unfaithful husbands or wives. It’s more about professionalism. Thanks to his years of experience in research, observation and prosecution, he is also booked as a detective to provide clear evidence. With its photo equipment and the very bright, high-quality Canon lenses up to 800 mm focal length, he is predestined for shooting photos from far away. Both private customers and insurance companies use its services. Furthermore, another field of activity of the ex-paparazzo developed.

These days…

He advises celebrities on how to protect themselves from paparazzi,how they recognize photographers, and how they pass unnoticed. Even when buying a property, Posthumus advises whether the property is safe from paparazzi or what should be changed. He gives lectures at a private university, designs extravagant pieces of furniture, realizes creative living ideas, designs gardens and still photographs … nowadays, he works as an photoartist, portrait photographer and also as a lifestyle and business photographer, providing businesses with visual solutions.

Now he found his place in lovely Rossnowlagh Co Donegal / Ireland but his personality is in demand internationally. The uncomplicated work, his humor and his creativity are particularly popular with customers. Meanwhile, he has rediscovered his passion for the „right photography“. If time permits, he packs his old Mamiya RB67 medium format camera along with accessories and exposes again roll films. He also does some fashion and model shootings with the approximately forty-year-old camera. Everywhere is something admirable, waiting to be discovered by him. As a photographer, he finds something beautiful, interesting or extraordinary in everything. If you want to meet him personally, you can book him as a photographer.