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art market

In addition to classical painting, a true art market for photographers has developed in recent years. Photo art is becoming more and more popular and among collectors a new way of investing. Millions of dollars are already paid for some photographs. For example, the digitally edited image „Rhine II“ by Andreas Gursky for 3.1 million euros from 1999.

Today, photographs are sold at prices that could only be obtained for certain paintings ten years ago. The market is booming and especially young and unknown artists are in high demand.

But what makes a photo particularly valuable? On the one hand, it is of course the motive, the size and the high quality of the carrier material. But an important criterion is the limitation of the picture. Sometimes it was difficult for a buyer to assess the value of a photograph, because the reproduction was repeatable and thus difficult to control a guaranteed limitation. Today it looks different. Large-format photographs, such as those by Marcus Posthumus, are already limited in production and have undergone a certification process. Posthumus relies here on the certificate of authenticity from Hahnemühle with hologram.

The certification creates security for both sides – artists and art collectors. Through the certification process, the artist is in the position to prove the produced edition on the basis of the certificate of an internationally recognized premium manufacturer. In return, the collector and art buyer will receive the security of purchasing a limited edition photograph or even a unique one. The buyer can prove the authenticity and limitation of the work at any time by means of the included and registered certificate of authenticity.

The following photographs by Marcus Posthumus are currently available for purchase. Some of the images contain the hidden messages inserted by the artist which are only communicated to the buyer. Purchase requests should only be sent in writing by e-mail to: look(at)