Marcus Posthumus is a Dutch artist and photographer who grew up in Germany and lived for a time in Los Angeles. He photographed stars such as Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Johnny Depp or George Clooney. Today he lives in Rossnowlagh Co Donegal / Ireland. His main focus is portrait and landscape photography. Especially his uncomplicated and open nature with a lot of humor and his reliability paired with German thoroughness are popular with his customers.

Marcus Posthumus: „If you loose your heart to Ireland… 
In 2014, I set foot on Irish soil for the first time. All I knew about ireland was that it was raining all the time, that the irenians were sitting drunk in the pub and all of them were driving on the wrong side of the streets. When the plane landed on the Knock Airport runway with a slight jerk, nothing was as predicted. Already from the plane the green of the meadows looked greener than elsewhere. The sun was shining at 22 degrees. No rain cloud in sight. Driving on the „wrong side“ was a bit hard to get used to but after a few kilometers already routine. Nevertheless, I did not get far, because I had to stop constantly to take pictures. Sometimes it was an ancient graveyard, or a ruin, then I suddenly discovered small details everywhere and ultimately lost myself with the camera in my hand somewhere in nowhere. And today, yes today, I live in Ireland. And what am I doing here? Well, what I do best – I take pictures. And one more thing, I love the Irish pubs because nowhere else in the world is there a more sociable place than here. 

If you like the photos and you are looking for a reliable photographer, do not hesitate to call me or contact me directly via Whatsapp here on the website. And please note: Do not let anyone take pictures of you, you’re not anyone after all.“